Designed & developed by the Portilla brothers

Platform: Mobile

Year Published: 2005

Publisher: Sprint, Verizon, International Carriers

An unlikely hero faces the ultimate test! Kronar the merciless barabarian travels the land in search of adventure, plunder, & ill-gotten gain. The city of Onil seems to offer a good resting place, until Kronar finds himself surrounded by turmoil and danger. Events spin faster and faster, until they become nearly out of control. Now, the city is and all of its inhabitants face annihilation, but no one knows why. Suddenly, it’s up to Kronar to discover the source of the evil in time to save Onil!

  • Massive true role playing adventure
  • Story line, journal, multiple quests
  • Mini map
  • Full character stats
  • Special items
  • Boss monsters