Designed & developed by the Portilla brothers

Platform: Mobile

Year Published: 2004

Publisher: Verizon, Sprint, International Carriers

Pop-Em! is a fun and challenging action puzzle game for persons of all ages. Players score points by linking up similar shapes and then popping them with special pieces of the same type. Take on the Pop-Em! challenge! A typical game of Pop-Em! will last approximately 5 minutes. The objective is to beat the highest score by stacking up or grouping together similar shaped pieces in order to have a big pop. If the player does not pop the pieces within 30 seconds the pieces will start flashing. Eventually these flashing pieces will become solid pyramids. The only way to pop these groupings is by using the similar shape special pieces. The game is over when the unpopped pieces are stacked in numbers and have overrun the player’s bottom border. The following screenshots are of the Splash screen, Main Menu screen, Help screen, About screen, Game screen, Pause, Game Over respectively.